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Interview with David Werba from MUSICONOMI

David Werba joins JJ to talk about Musicoin and the upcoming Initial Token Offering (ITO) for MUSICONOMI. Musiconomi aims to be a total solution for artists and musician from song sharing to ticket sales. Having demonstrated a functional proof-of-concept with Musicoin the team is seeking funding to accelerate development.

We also talk about the music industry and the various issues with the legacy system. We also talk about Cofound.it and how they are helping out David and the team with the fundraiser. Expect a public announcement regarding the ITO in about a week. for more information check out:

The Musiconomi website

The Musicoin website

The Cofound.it website

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Swarm City on Ethereum: Bonus Interview with Matt Carano

In this special bonus episode of the Neocash Radio podcast, we talk more with Matt Carano, who works with Swarm City’s “Communications Hive”, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Swarm City decentralized sharing economy on the Ethereum blockchain with SWT tokens

Matthew Carano talks about Swarm City, decentralized ridesharing, SWT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

Matt joined us on this week’s Wednesday night podcast, and now he’s speaking with us about Swarm City, now that they’ve branched off from the mess that was Christopher David/Arcade City. Matt talks with us a little bit about how Swarm City and its Ethereum-based SWT tokens are looking at ways to create peer-to-peer sharing without any intermediaries. Decentralized ridesharing is the first use case—picture Uber and Lyft without the middleman taking a big cut—but Matt tells us how else Swarm City is looking to connect users directly.

Popular cryptocurrency exchange service Changelly has recently made it possible for users to buy SWT tokens with their debit or credit card, which as Matt explains, could allow for all of the cryptocurrency workings to happen behind the scenes if a service provider made a UI using Changelly. (As always, we are not providing financial advice or recommending buying or selling anything; we are merely reporting news.)

We also learn a little more about Swarm City’s upcoming releases—Boardwalk and Storefront—and Matt also talks about “Trelleth”, a free add-on that he co-created for popular project management tool Trello. Trelleth uses the Ethereum blockchain to tokenize task cards, which “gives anyone the ability to organize, communicate, and crowdfund any project and any task all from Trello.”

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Wanna learn more about Swarm City? Matt recommends checking out the Swarm City channel on Slack for more info.

You can also watch this video—“Swarm City: Building Decentralized Communities”—which features Matt Carano interviewing Michael Thuy, Swarm City’s System Architect.

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Did you catch this week’s Neocash Radio podcast yet?!

Ethereum IRA available for your retirement accounts. The Ethereum Movie Venture has been funded to produce a film called The Pitts Circus Family. Cosmos Network raises $16.8 million in 28 minutes. Sia offers cloud hosting on a blockchain. We talk with Matt Carano about Swarm City. Zcash users need to upgrade to version 1.0.8-1 after a security flaw was found. Zcash and DASH are on the Jaxx iOS wallet now. Trello + Ethereum = Trelleth, economically incentivized task management. Monero transactions may not be as anonymous as you think. DASH “PrivateSend” feature is explained on DASH Detailed. BitWage launches International Bank Account Numbers to offer European wage earners a way to direct deposit checks into crypto. Bitfinex and other exchanges that use Taiwan-based banks are suffering the effect of U.S. Know-Your-Customer regulations.

All this and more from this week’s episode Neocash Radio podcast, Episode 203: Swarm City Preview, Bitfinex Gets Taiwan Banking Blues, Ethereum Powers Retirement and a Movie — Wednesday, April 19th, 2017!

Bitcoin Unlimited: Special Interview with Roger Ver

In this bonus episode of Neocash Radio, Bitcoin angel investor & Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver talks with JJ, Darren, and Randy about Bitcoin Unlimited, a new initiative that lets Bitcoin miners dictate the block size they want to use. Could this be an end to the BTC block size debate? Will this require a hard fork? Could that create two different Bitcoin chains like what happened with Ethereum? What does Roger plan to do if Bitcoin doesn’t scale and loses its value? We also discuss censorship on Reddit’s r/bitcoin channel, the Lightning Network, SegWit, and more!

Bitcoin Unlimited: on-chain scaling -- Roger Ver interview -- Neocash Radio podcast

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or Direct Download the MP3 – Roger Ver interview: Bitcoin Unlimited – scaling Bitcoin on-chain & an end to the block size debate?

Did you catch this week’s Neocash Radio podcast yet?!

The European Central Bank wants more regulations on cryptocurrencies. The Deutsche Bank saga thickens. Wikileaks shows Hillary Clinton’s plans to “covertly” invade Syria. UK’s spy agency has been illegally operating for 17 years. Ethereum ain’t afraid of no fork. Bitcoin Unlimited gets some major support. Netflix releases documentary on mass incarceration and slave labor in the U.S. … and more!

Listen in: Neocash Radio episode 178 – (October 19th, 2016)

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The Painful Economics of the War on Drugs — interview with Marijuana Policy Project’s Matt Simon

The War on Drugs has been called a trillion dollar failure, and beyond its economic failings, more and more people are waking up to the horrors this modern-day Prohibition is creating in our society, and asking more about who actually benefits from these antiquated authoritarian controls.

In this special bonus episode of Neocash Radio—“The Painful Economics of the War on Drugs”—Darren and Randy interview Matt Simon, New England Political Director and Legislative Analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project.

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Painful Economics of the War on Drugs - Interview w/ Matt Simon of the Marijuana Policy Project Marijuana Policy Project
Among the topics we discuss with Matt:

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Episode 37 – Proliferation of Altcoins, Including Ethereum

Fox News interviews our very own Darren at the bitcoin meetup.  Dogecoin, is it really a thing?  Coinye being sued.  Overstock C.E.O. critical of Paul Krugman.  Is Overstock accepting bitcoin a turning point in bitcoin market evolution?  Bitcoin API from our BitPay allows your paycheck to be in bitcoin.  Ethereum is this the next step for cryptocurrencies.