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Episode 144 – FBI Backdoor Back Draft and Liberty Forum

Darren and JJ were at the Ninth Annual Liberty Forum this week. The FBI wants a backdoor into Apple iPhones, John McAfee says it is akin to giving out the nuclear launch codes. Linux Mint site hacked and malware distros uploaded. A Hollywood hospital falls victim to a crypto-locker virus but no word is mentioned about IT security or data back-up protocols. Bitcoin Classic surpasses 1000 nodes.


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Episode 124 – Open Source Saves Time and Money

EuroPol embraces bitcoin and urges trading of the currency. Ethereum has an update regarding their funding status. Updates from Venezuela and Greece. The Jobs reports comes in weak. Darren talks about open source software and Keenevention.

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Show Notes

Traditional Markets

Gold is 1138

Silver 15.26

Dow 16,472

Oil 45.66

30 year treasury down more than 13 basis points 2.826% for the week

Crypto Markets

BTC 239

LTC 2.972

ETH 0.68


Europol embraces bitcoin


Ethereum Update


Venezuela Bitcoin Website Ban


Greece News


Fed doesn’t raise rates on weak employment data


Darren set up a file server with Debian. The vast wealth of open source.  

Chris David introduces Trident decentralized project management platform.  


Episode 68 – Principles of Bitcoin

Darren talks about his recent experience with Linux. Apple iCloud hacked and celebrity photos stolen. Dogecoin and Litecoin accepted for airfare. BitLicenses in UK. The core principles of Bitcoin. Canada companies paying salaries in Bitcoin. Indonesia has more bitcoin options available now.


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