Episode 32 – China Strikes Back While India Primes

Bitcoin pulls back from a rally led by China after a notice issued by the People’s Bank of China : Bitcoin in China’s Special Economic Zone : Man bought Tesla for Bitcoin from dealership : Mastercoin first look (http://bitcoinmagazine.com/7961/mastercoin-a-second-generation-protocol-on-the-bitcoin-blockchain/) : Bitcoin is on the rise in India : Gold, Silver, US Treasury Bonds, Inflation, Interest, Dollar Value

Episode 28– Bitcoin Rises Again (Again)


Venezuela seizes stores in  a futile attempt to fix their monetary policy.  The price of bitcoin driven higher.  China a major buyer of bitcoin.  Robocoin’s bitcoin ATM does $100,000 of trades in the first week.  A One million dollar hack.  Shopify adds bitcoin for it’s 70,000+ merchants.  Rethinking brainwallets.currency-distribution