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Anti-Bitcoin Propaganda

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The Central Bank of Poland has admitted to paying for a campaign of social media propaganda. In one case a prominent polish YouTuber was paid $30,000 to make videos claiming to have lost money on crypto. The Central Bank of Poland working with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority has no problem using fraud to dissuade people from looking into it.

This isn’t new by any stretch and it can be quite outlandish. CNBC wants you to believe that 1 or 2 people mining Bitcoin in North Korea means that you could potentially be supporting Kim Jong Un’s regime by trading Bitcoin.

This is how you take a fact and turn it into propaganda. After that shocking intro, we get to one of the only facts of the story. More than one IP address was used to mine Bitcoin in North Korea.

At this point the video delves into pure speculation and boogieman tactics. The final nail is a guilt trip fit for social media manipulation. Thanks for the rubbish CNBC!  

More recently Venezuela has been attacking Bitcoin on state run TV. The standard lot of villains are bandied about, terrorism, money laundering, drugs and tax evasion. Now evading the exchange controls is added to the list demons perpetrated by the Bitcoin.

“It was recently reported that many people have begun using Bitcoin, as an alternative to evade policies on foreign exchange by the Bolivarian Government to ensure proper development of the economy.”

And finally we take a look at some old timey propaganda. Bitcoin is “Anti-Social”, that according to a video from TV New Zealand in 2013.

Well that escalated quickly! It just goes to show you need to mindful about what any media outlet is going to say about crypto.  

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Episode 119 – New Zealand Bans Butt-hurt

India’s Central Bank and the bitcoin boogieman. Bitcoin ATMs have got it all wrong according to Andreas Antonopoulos. New Zealand is looking to ban butt-hurt. Darren’s Censorship special covers international censorship stories. Venezuela closes boarders. Student Loans could be a bad investment as many students never graduate. The bitcoin blockchain debate continues.

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Show Notes:

Traditional Markets

Gold down to 1134

Silver down to 14.59

DOW up to 16643

OIL big jump up to 45.33

30 year rises to 2.9103%


Crypto Markets

BTC 227

LTC  drops to  2.78

Dash slightly down 2.57

Ether remains steady at 1.32



India Central Bankers talk about Bitcoin


Andreas A talks about Bitcoin ATMs


American of 17 years sentenced to 17 years for managing twitter feed for ISIS


New Zealand passes law outlawing causing emotional distress on the internet


Twitter censored deleted tweets of politicians


India shuts down mobile internet access during protests


Princeton offers course on Bitcoin and Crypto currency technology through corsera  


Bitcoin exchange launching in Iran


Board Closings in Venezuela http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/freshman-year/billions-taxpayer-dollars-go-students-who-dont-graduate-analysis-finds-n412431


Billions go to the education of students that don’t graduate