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YouTube channel launched! Video podcasts coming soon!

Great news for Neocash Radio listeners! We’ve been working feverishly over the last few months to enhance our coverage of global economic policy, cryptocurrency news, decentralization, and blockchain technology; part of that intention was to get our podcast onto more platforms to make it easier for people to discover, listen to, and share.

In that vein, allow us to present the brand new Neocash Media YouTube channel! We’ve teased for a few weeks now that we’re working to build a video podcast room here at Neocash Radio HQ—we’re gearing up to start construction this month—but we’ve begun uploading our audio feed with some graphics to YouTube in the meantime. (We hope to have live video along with our weekly podcast by year’s end!)

Here’s last week’s episode—Ep 180: All eyes on Zcash launch, Obama Administration steals $5 Billion, Cell 411 beats Arcade City—posted to YouTube:

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Exciting news! It’s been busy here at Neocash Radio HQ — we’ve actually been using a new studio we’re constructing in Manchester, NH! We’re now posting new episodes every Wednesday night, not Sunday as in the past.

JJ and Darren have delivered Neocash Radio each week for over three years, and they’ve agreed it was time to start looking at how to best grow the show and produce more important content for their loyal listener base. They’ve also added me—Randy Clemens—to the line-up as a new co-host! Hi!

We’ve also seen some nice equipment upgrades to tune our sound in even tighter, and we’re also in the process of getting set up for video podcasting in the near future, not only for the weekly show, but also to bring you breaking economic, cryptocurrency, and blockchain news/updates throughout the week.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the latest world economic and banking news as well as updates on blockchains, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, make sure you subscribe to our feed! We’ve added a few new streams recently: you can now follow Neocash Radio on Google Play Music, iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, Player.FM, and Blubrry!

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Are there any other platforms you’d like to see us on? Send us a note: darren@neocashradio.com or tweet us @NeocashRadio!

Bonus Episode – Bitcoin Core has Lost Consensus

There is a lot of bad or just out-right wrong information going around about Bitcoin XT and BIP101. We discuss the upgrade process and provide context given the history of the digital currency. Reddit moderators have censored the discussion claiming Bitcoin XT is an alt-coin. Bitcoin XT nodes are under attack through TOR. We point out an article that has so many errors about bitcoin it is alarming.

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Correction:  If you assume the every transaction size is around 300 bytes then the bitcoin network can process less than 6 transactions a second.  Transactions usually are between 250 bytes and several kilobytes.

Episode 87 – Swiss Franc Pulls Out the Peg

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Commodity markets stable with Gold and Silver gaining a little bit.  Oil hangs in there under $50/barrel.  OKcoin cards available in South Korea.  Was Mark Kerpeles involved in silk road?  Obama joins fight against encryption.  Small shops in Argentina refuse to use credit cards for one day.  Russia (unsuccessfully) blocks or bans five websites.  The ECB is still talking about qualitative easing again. The Swiss Franc is no longer pegged to the Euro and has seen a jump in strength. The Price of Bitcoin falls as miners try to sell.


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WoW, so doge

Jerry discusses his loss of his farm in Tennessee

This week, Jerry has a little fun with the show.

Bitcoin news that may be interesting to our listeners include:

The European Banking Authority puts out a warning on bitcoin.  However almost everything in the warning is already known.


This was rebutted by an organization calling itself “The Bitcoin Organization.”  Which is a warning about fiat currencies.


The Associated Press does a story about Europe’s first bitcoin ATM.


FINCEN sends letter to creator of casascius coins; orders suspended.


India Catches bitcoin fever