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Strength of the Petro-Dollar – Episode 85

Oil down and going lower. First “coinfest” to be hosted in Russia.  Reports that Bitstamp is slow processing withdraws.  Listeners of this episode may enjoy this Linkedin article we discussed.  Alleged scam involving paybase and paycoin.  Cody Wilson promotes ending the bitcoin foundation with strong language.


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Episode 84 – Bitcoin Bowl and Oil Derivatives

North Carolina State College wins the first ever Bitcoin Bowl. Brawker lets you by most anything with bitcoin. Ecuador starts to distribute their own digital currency via SMS. Deflation in the EURO zone causes an uptick in commerce. Russia may be less restrictive on bitcoin while price inflation takes hold. What is a derivative?

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Episode 80 – Russia, Charity and Failed Currencies, Oh My.

Beau Davis joins JJ and Darren in the studio.  Russian ruble falls to under 50 rubles per dollar. Oil falls under $70.  Bitcoin as a humanitarian tool.  Can gold be in a 6000 year bubble?  Three old failed currencies.  Kracken will purchase Mt. Gox?  Western union makes IP claim.  Cancer patients are getting their drugs through the darknet.


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Episode 69 – Bitcoin in Politics

New Hampshire State Senate candidate George Lambert is in studio. Alt-coin prices are on the rise again. Venezuela monetary inflation estimated to be over 63%. HeliosCard is a debit card that can send digital signatures. Overstock.com is hiring bitcoin developers.  Donate to George’s campaign below.

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