Using the Princess Bride to Explain Blowback

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Understanding the War on Terror in 44 Seconds

JJ describes the vicious cycle that will keep the "War on Terror" going perpetually. Special thanks to the movie The Princess Bride for the succinct metaphor. #waronterror #isis #iraq #yemen #syria #refugees #princessbride #inigomontoya #youkilledmyfather #hatebegetshate #youreapwhatyousow #neocashradio

Posted by Neocash Radio on Monday, November 23, 2015

Episode 131 – Fear Machine Hijinks

ISIS does not have a bitcoin address worth $3 Million. European Union looks to slaughter individual rights after the attacks in Paris. Police in the United States take more property than robbers. Trump distracts the US with outrageous rhetoric.

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Traditional Market

Gold down slightly $1078

Silver down slightly $14.20

Oil up $41.46

DOW up 17823

30 year down 3.02%


Crypto Market

BTC ~ $322

LTC ~ $3.10

ETH up $1.34



EU Bitcoin ISIS?

The fed might be subject to audit because of new bill passed by house:

Police take more property than burglars


Government tries to make it easier to take your money

Coinbase Debit Card

Trump suggests labeling Muslims in a similar way that Hitler labeled Jews before world II–surveil-mosques–bring-back-waterboarding-195633361.html