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Episode 87 – Swiss Franc Pulls Out the Peg

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Commodity markets stable with Gold and Silver gaining a little bit.  Oil hangs in there under $50/barrel.  OKcoin cards available in South Korea.  Was Mark Kerpeles involved in silk road?  Obama joins fight against encryption.  Small shops in Argentina refuse to use credit cards for one day.  Russia (unsuccessfully) blocks or bans five websites.  The ECB is still talking about qualitative easing again. The Swiss Franc is no longer pegged to the Euro and has seen a jump in strength. The Price of Bitcoin falls as miners try to sell.


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WoW, so doge

Episode 86 – The Price of Bitcoin

Roger Ver denied visa to US. Overstock.com installs bitcoin ATM and offers to pay employees in Bitcoin. News from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Brazil and Venezuela. BitStamp was hacked last weekend and is back online following a few days of worry. Darren will be presenting at Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. The Price of Bitcoin and ‘Why is the price as high as it is?’


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Episode 31 – Bitcoin and Litecoin to the Moon

Bitcoin tops a $1000 in the US and Litecoin is also climbing in price : Bitcoin hashrate seen increasing substantially : Small US town Police Chief asks to be paid in bitcoin : Man throws out old hard drive with 7500 BTC on it and is now digging in the landfill : Silicon Valley is backing bitcoin : Man has donations made to his wallet based on TV appearance : How-to buy litecoin