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Bitcoin Blocksize Rants & Raves: Long Waits & High Fees (Bonus Episode)

Scaling Bitcoin: Increasing the Maximum Blocksize

After recording last week’s podcast—Ep195: Confessions of a Bitcoiner, South Korea Scandal Fit for a Movie, Crypto Security—Darren continued chatting with our friend/special guest Andy, who works at a Bitcoin ATM company. While JJ and Randy began prepping the new episode for publishing, Darren said he wished we could have an episode where we just kind of vented about what was happening to the Bitcoin network and within the Bitcoin community.

Rather than wait for some other time, we hit record again while the energy was still high. And thus, a bonus episode was born! We also talk with Andy about some of the topics we discussed with him in our main episode… like privacy, encryption, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Ethereum and how to better secure & anonymize cryptocurrency transactions.

Stream this bonus podcast episode:

or Direct Download the podcast as an MP3 – Bitcoin Blocksize Rants & Raves: Long Waits & High Fees (Neocash Radio Bonus Episode) 

Link from the show: Darren mentioned a short post he’d written for the Neocash Radio blog several years ago—How to rebroadcast a transaction on Blockchain.info—and Andy commented that it had been helpful to him and that he’d sent it along to several other people, so we’re including an additional link to it here for anyone interested! 

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Bitcoin Unlimited: on-chain scaling -- Roger Ver interview -- Neocash Radio podcastRelated listening: We’ve also got a special bonus interview with Roger Ver that we recently posted! Listen in as Bitcoin Angel Investor and Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver talks with us about how the current Bitcoin block size limit is throttling the Bitcoin network, and how Bitcoin Unlimited could be poised to increase the block size and allow the Bitcoin network to scale.

How to rebroadcast a transaction on Blockchain.info

Sometimes bitcoin transactions become stuck.  If a transaction doesn’t have a high enough fee and if it is not high enough priority then no miner will include the transaction into a block and the transaction will be stuck for lack of better term.  It is possible or likely that eventually the transaction will process, but you can help it if you are able to rebroadcast it.

Now, most wallets will rebroadcast the transaction without your prompting.  So this may be unnecessary.  Sometimes though, a client might disconnect, or maybe there’s bad code in a wallet and the transaction does not automatically rebroadcast.  We’ll go over what to do.

1)  First find your transaction on blockchain.info.

I’m going to use as an example transaction what appears to be a donation to the US marshal’s office.


2) Append “?format=hex” to the end of the URL

This makes


Go ahead look at this webpage. It starts off 0100000. This is, literally just a number.  You might see the letters abcdef thrown in.  That’s because this number is expressed as in hexadecimal, not a normal decimal number we are familiar with.  We could convert this to decimal, but that wouldn’t really help us with step three.

3) Copy this number into your clipboard.

Just highlight and copy.

4) Go to a site that allows you to put in raw transactions and broadcast them.

Examples of such sites are


Any one of them should work or all three, your choice.  I’ve noticed that sometimes I’ll get an error but the transaction has been propagated even if slightly.  Coinb.in specifically has given me errors, but I know that it pushed the transaction to the network.