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Episode 155 – The FBI Hates TOR Users and Other State Shenanigans

Neocash Radio was right about Dr. Craig Wright last December. BitPay offers a bitcoin based pre-paid VISA card. 21 Inc. wants to make everything a bitcoin machine but that may have issues. The DAO has been the 3rd most successful crowdfunding operation so far. TOR users beware, the FBI will target you. Liberty Reserve founder sentenced to 20 years. Saudi Oil Chief fired by Saudi King. Venezuela and Zimbabwe round out the international news.

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Episode 134 – Where in the World is Satoshi Nakamoto?

New Hampshire passed bitcoin regulations. Australian Tax Office raids house of man to steal money, turns out WiReD thinks the guy is Satoshi. China on course to overtake Switzerland for worlds top rice producer. More countries are looking to outlaw cash. GoCoin and Ziftr merge. Occupational licensing costs an average $1000 per American household.


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Traditional Markets

Gold down slightly $1075

Silver down $13.89

Oil drops to $35.36

DOW 17,265

30y US Treasuries down 2.8763%


Crypto Markets

BTC 435

LTC 3.57

ETH 1.03


Bitcoin Difficulty estimated to be above 90 billion after next adjustment.

Bitcoin Regulations in NH


Australian Police Raid house of suspected Satoshi



China on course to surpass Switzerland as top rice producer.  


Sweden to outlaw cash


Higher interest rates in December?  Many Economists think so.


GoCoin and Ziftr looking to merge


Canada’s Central Bank governor considers negative interest rates.  


Occupational Licensing costs the average American household $1000


Episode 129 – War in Syria, Satoshi Nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics

Chris joins us in-studio, look for his interview on Wednesday. BIP 101 reaches consensus on the testnet. Reddit moderator looks to limit the discussion and ban Coinbase from r/bitcoin. McDonalds fries cost $133.00 each.Kim dotcom looks to build a private internet. Iran floods markets with oil. War in Syria and Russia’s role in the Mideast. With the debt ceiling removed, the national debt jumps $500 Billion in a week.

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Show Notes:

Traditional Markets

Gold $1089

Silver $14.74

Dow 17,910

Oil: $44.52

30 year treasury:  3.089 %


Crypto Markets

BTC:  $380

LTC  $3.33

ETC: $1.02



BIP 101 activated on testnet


Satoshi Nakamoto nominated for nobel peace prize in econ


Coinbase CEO threatened to be banned from online forum if they switch to bitcoinxt


(also) Jeff Garzik states consorship over the top  https://twitter.com/jgarzik/status/662072709002735616

McDonald’s French fries selling at $133 in Venezuela


Kim dotcom Building own internet named Meganet


Iran may be flooding market with oil


Economics research not replicable according to two federal reserve economists


National debt jumps almost half a trillion this week