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Episode 138 – Adaptive Block Size Solution

A beta is out for you to get a look at Open Bazaar. Adaptive Block Size Limits and how they would work. China and the US have bad weeks for Stock trading. Venezuela Economy Czar does not believe in inflation. China wants your encryption keys while the Dutch support strong encryption. Switzerland ends banking secrecy.


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Episode 76 – Get Surgery With Bitcoin and Gold in Oklahoma

Jon Matonis is stepping down from the Bitcoin Foundation. The 1970 US Bank Secret Act is declared obsolete. Crypto Passports could offer more online identity solutions. BTC Guild was set to shutdown in three months but now may be sold instead. Blockchain.info raises $30.5 million. FinCEN declares bitcoin payment processors and exchanges as “money-transmitters”. Amanda writes about buying surgery with bitcoin and gold. Mattheus writes about the bitcoin scene in New Hampshire. Home loan applications are the lowest since February.

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