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Episode 45 – Trouble in the Ukraine, Litecoin ASICs, and More Dogecoin Fundraising

Is Russia selling treasuries?  What will ASICs mean for Litecoin?  Will a new plugin for namecoin bring dot bit sites into the popular mind?  Dogecoin foundation raised money to be used to buy wells providing water to people in Kenya.  The price of bitcoin is steady.  Gold and silver are up.  Hashrate making a steady climb.

Episode 41 – Death of Mt. Gox, Rise of DOGE and Country Specific Blockchains



Special guest Riaz joins Darren and JJ in the studio to talk about his experience starting a business that prefers Bitcoin. DDoS and spam attacks made against Bitcoin. Mt. Gox is dying and the market will be better for it. BitStamp halts withdrawals for a couple days and resumes while other exchanges are less effected by DDoS and spam attacks. Country Specific blockchains. Dogecoin rises with the advent of a Chinese exchange that offers to trade it as well as the halving of the reward. Gold and Silver prices and Bitcoin hash rate and difficulty.

Episode 32 – China Strikes Back While India Primes

Bitcoin pulls back from a rally led by China after a notice issued by the People’s Bank of China : Bitcoin in China’s Special Economic Zone : Man bought Tesla for Bitcoin from dealership : Mastercoin first look (http://bitcoinmagazine.com/7961/mastercoin-a-second-generation-protocol-on-the-bitcoin-blockchain/) : Bitcoin is on the rise in India : Gold, Silver, US Treasury Bonds, Inflation, Interest, Dollar Value

Episode 29: Amanda BillyRock joins us to discuss Zerocoin, Venezuela, and more.

Bitcoin Nodes

Amanda BillyRock – youtube.com/abillyrock – joins JJ and Darren in the studio : Zerocoin will use their own blockchain : Venezuela is still forcing electronic retailers to sell products at low prices : China is now number two in the world for bitcoin nodes : Coin Validation is the next attempt by the US Government to track the bitcoin network : Federal regulators are meeting to talk about bitcoin

Episode 24 – The Powerful Bitcoin Network

The Bitcoin Network increases in hashrate and difficultly while the currency rises in price : China bitcoin markets are climbing in price : Bitcoin Financial instrument trading sites close : Capitol One closes accounts over bitcoin : New exchanges open for the dollar to bitcoin bridge : Bitcoin client downloads surge in Q3 over Q2 for India and Brazil : Security : Silver : Gold

Episode 16 – Bitcoin Mining

Pedro joins Darren and JJ in the studio : Pedro finally receives his Butterfly Labs Jalapeno : Dustcoin.com provides a great resource for miners of any cryptocurrency : An OpEd piece on the possible centralization of Bitcoin mining : Bitcoin better than gold : Germany wants their gold back from the Federal Reserve : Lamassu BTC Ventures is working on getting their Bitcoin Machine to market : Fox News has issues with Bitcoin