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Episode 176 – Lehman had Deutsche Brothers, when debt ruled the world, and Monero’s darknets go dark?

OPEC may cut oil production and it probably won’t matter. Deutsche Bank won’t be bailed out says German Government. India and Pakistan are fighting again. Your tax dollars hard at work: the Pentagon paid a UK PR firm more than half a billion to make propaganda videos. China’s Yuan gets bolstered by the IMF, joins SDR basket. IMF worries over record debt levels of 225% WORLD GDP. The Federal Reserve looks at Ripple for faster payments. CGI Group launches Ripple validator node joining 121 others. Yahoo is a scumbag for handing ALL emails to the government secretly. SingularDTV ICO is sold out in less than 17 minutes. Blockstream anointed Lightning Network has a successful transaction on the testnet. Monero value plummets as Oasis goes offline and AlphaBay pauses transactions to upgrade their Monero daemon. News organizations sue FBI for details on exploit used in San Bernardino iPhone case.

All this and more on episode 176 here on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016!

We’ve written out short overviews of the topics discussed on today’s show below; be sure to listen in to the whole podcast to get more information, insights, and thoughts on each of them from JJ, Darren, and Randy!

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Traditional Markets Crypto Markets
Gold $1266.50 Bitcoin (BTC) $612.02
Silver $17.73 Litecoin (LTC) $3.81
Oil $49.70 Ethereum (ETH) $13.14
Dow Jones 18281.03 DASH $12.00
30 Year UST 2.425% Monero (XMR) $6.59
STEEM 0.00068 BTC (~$0.41)
AMP 0.0002932 BTC (~$0.18)
1 Doge = 1 Doge

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Episode 148 – VC Interest Moves to Ethereum

BTCC, formerly BTCChina, is backing Bitcoin Core development because they “know what they are doing”. The latest release from Ethereum and why Nasdaq is shifting from Bitcoin to Ethereum. South Korea joins the rally for a cashless society. US Inflation higher than predicted.


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Episode 144 – FBI Backdoor Back Draft and Liberty Forum

Darren and JJ were at the Ninth Annual Liberty Forum this week. The FBI wants a backdoor into Apple iPhones, John McAfee says it is akin to giving out the nuclear launch codes. Linux Mint site hacked and malware distros uploaded. A Hollywood hospital falls victim to a crypto-locker virus but no word is mentioned about IT security or data back-up protocols. Bitcoin Classic surpasses 1000 nodes.


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Episode 127 – The Bitcoin is a Coin… In Europe

European Courts decide to call Bitcoin a currency. The free market provides a solution to the $750 AIDS medication. Corrupt DEA Agent Mark Force is sentenced to more than 6 years in prison. The Block Chain Alliance looks to help law enforcement with crypto crimes. Keenevention is coming up next week! American Express is taking an interest in the Bitcoin remittance business.

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Episode 119 – New Zealand Bans Butt-hurt

India’s Central Bank and the bitcoin boogieman. Bitcoin ATMs have got it all wrong according to Andreas Antonopoulos. New Zealand is looking to ban butt-hurt. Darren’s Censorship special covers international censorship stories. Venezuela closes boarders. Student Loans could be a bad investment as many students never graduate. The bitcoin blockchain debate continues.

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Show Notes:

Traditional Markets

Gold down to 1134

Silver down to 14.59

DOW up to 16643

OIL big jump up to 45.33

30 year rises to 2.9103%


Crypto Markets

BTC 227

LTC  drops to  2.78

Dash slightly down 2.57

Ether remains steady at 1.32



India Central Bankers talk about Bitcoin


Andreas A talks about Bitcoin ATMs


American of 17 years sentenced to 17 years for managing twitter feed for ISIS


New Zealand passes law outlawing causing emotional distress on the internet


Twitter censored deleted tweets of politicians


India shuts down mobile internet access during protests


Princeton offers course on Bitcoin and Crypto currency technology through corsera  


Bitcoin exchange launching in Iran


Board Closings in Venezuela http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/freshman-year/billions-taxpayer-dollars-go-students-who-dont-graduate-analysis-finds-n412431


Billions go to the education of students that don’t graduate





Episode 47 – The IRS, Russia, NASCAR, 11 GH/s USB Miner

The IRS issues guidance about how bitcoin transactions are taxed.  Russia having all kinds of problems.  The Dogecoin community raises money to sponsor NASCAR driver. Turkey tries new ways to censor. US Debt interest a significant proportion of revenue.  Senator Joe Manchin backtracks on bitcoin ban.  11 GH/s bitfury USB miner uses just under 1 Watt.