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Episode 173 – Another huge bank scandal, IMF smells an uprising, and blockchain innovations soar

Here are the TL;DR headlines from today’s show:

Phony bank accounts a normal thing for Wells Fargo. Friday stocks drop but perhaps the news is being overblown. IMF managing direct warns: the natives are getting restless. Euro-zone is seeing price inflation for food. Finland tests out a basic income. Lykke Initial Coin Offering is underway, will it float? 2nd Largest BTC mining pool setting up a new pool for open-sourced testing of new mining techniques. SegWit is being criticized for the soft-fork approach. Is that a blockchain on your telephone pole? Utilities and the blockchain. Ethereum Classic is still kicking but for what and how will they innovate better than ETH?

All this and more here on Neocash Radio episode 173! Recorded September 14th, 2016 in Manchester, NH!

We’ve written out short overviews of the topics discussed on today’s show below; be sure to listen in to the whole podcast to get more information, insights, and thoughts on each of them from JJ, Darren, and Randy!

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Episode 118 – Greece, Litecoin, Brazil, Argentina, and Korea

Greece to receive 1000 Bitcoin ATMs. Litecoin will half it’s block reward this coming Tuesday. Some Brazilian States are in default. Argentine Security Guru raided after finding backdoor in E-Vote software. US Stock Markets crash this past Thursday/Friday. St. Louis Federal Reserve Official sees no evidence that the QEs had any effect on the economy.

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Traditional Markets

Gold 1160
Silver 15.35
Dow at 16459 WOW
Crude Oil: 40.29
30 year yield 2.74

Crypto Markets

BTC 227
LTC 3.34
Dash 2.61
Ether crazy wild expensive .00594 or ~$1.34

Greece to receive 1000 BTC ATMs

Litecoin Halving Aug 25th

Some Brazilian states in default.

Argentine security guru raided after finding security holes in e-vote system

Stocks drop over two days

Mike Tyson’s BTC ATM goes live

Bitcoin ETF launched in Korea

BitGold! ends 21:17

No evidence that QE accomplished anything
(noise) http://www.cnbc.com/2015/08/18/st-louis-fed-official-no-evidence-qe-boosted-economy.html

Episode 111 – Bitcoin Fork and Haircuts in Greece

Bitcoin Users are urged to upgrade their bitcoin core software to version 0.10 or higher. Chinese stock market loses 1.5 trillion Pounds in value. More hype about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Greece may be forced into another bail-in “haircut” for accounts holding more than 8000 euros. Bitcoin miners building bad blocks cause a little concern but things are well on the way to returning to normal.


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