BitGrail Insolvent After 17 Million XRB Theft, China Bitcoin FUD Fakeout

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NeoCash Radio and the NeoCash Radio logo has been used to perpetuate a scam! There is a google doc, weak sauce, that purports to offer the sale of NCR or NeoCash Radio tokens. This google doc has no affiliation with NeoCash Radio and is a scam. Please do not send ether to this contract address.

There appear to be a bunch of transactions sent to the contract address. I would like to think that anyone who actually listens to the show would know this is a scam from the onset. We would have promoted it in our podcast at least once.

This highlights one potential issue with the current breed of investors/gamblers: they don’t do much research. If a bad actor was going to fleece the crypto newbies, now is a good time for it. Please be ever vigilant and research what you are sending crypto to. Also be sure to check out the destination address on etherscan or another prominent block explorer. Continue reading