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Ep189: Swarm City Brand Fork, Coinbase Looks Beyond Bitcoin, History of 2016

Camo from cameras as a new fashion. Arcade City / Swarm City brand fork. Charlie Shrem’s latest project is Mainstreet Investments LP an investment fund and a waste management company. Coinbase is looking to diversify as Bitcoin’s future relies on core to be not core. We discuss the big stories of 2016 and the future evolution of the digital society.

All this and more on the Neocash Radio podcast, episode 189 — Wednesday January 4th, 2017!

We’ve written out short overviews of the topics discussed on today’s show below! Be sure to listen in to the whole podcast to get more information, insights, and thoughts on each of them from JJ and Darren!

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Traditional Markets Crypto Markets
Gold $1,163 Bitcoin (BTC) $1108
Silver $16.40 Litecoin (LTC) $4.40
Oil $53.35 Zcash (ZEC) $52.32
Dow Jones 19,942 points Ethereum (ETH) $10.77
30Y UST Yield 3.041% DASH $15.48
Euro (EUR) $1.05 Monero (XMR) $17.67
Chinese Yuan (CNY) $0.14 Augur REP $4.79
British Pound (GBP) $1.23 1 Doge = 1 Doge

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Episode 137 – Windows 10 Is Compromised

A look back at 2015. An op-ed from Jeff Garzik about the blockchain debate. US Dollars are used to launder money by Police. Windows 10 covertly sends encryption keys to Microsoft. New Hampshire news. Free State Project hits 92%

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Traditional Markets

Gold down $1067

Silver down $13.82

Oil down $37.07

DOW down 17,425

30 Year Treasury up 3.015%


Crypto Markets

BTC up $428

LTC steady $3.46

ETH up $1.30



A Look back at 2015


Jeff Garzik: Bitcoin is Being Hot-Wired for Settlement


Bal Harbour Police aid the laundering of around $4M of drug money


Windows X covertly sends encryption keys to Microsoft


New Hampshire

FSP 92%

Amanda Bouldin gets big news coverage regarding nipple legislation.