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Episode 150 – Most of the Bitcoin Network Can Handle 4MB Blocks

A Cornell study finds most of the network can handle 4MB blocks. Long-term bitcoin outlook shows a massive power requirement. Reddit and National Security Letters. Yuan overnight rate plummets to negatives in Hong Kong. Russia bans a board game because it makes communism look bad.



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Episode 143 – The First Bitcoin Classic Block is Mined

Segregated Witness: the pros and cons. Google pilot program in the UK steers extreme searches to anti-radicalism websites. Federal Agent from the Silk Road case is arrested again. The Federal Reserve raises interest rates on excess reserves. First Bitcoin Classic block is mined while classic nodes make up 15% of the network. Windows 10 spying is out of control and can’t be stopped. Gold value is up as investors return to the safe haven. The Chinese are losing faith in their currency. Value to accept bitcoin on Steam.


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Episode 130 – There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch… or College

UBS Chairman loves the blockchain, hates bitcoin. Gold buying spree in China and elsewhere as the price is down. Venezuela threatens hoarders with jail time as conditions worsen. Bitcoin: be your own bank. College education can’t possibly be free, someone is going to pick up the tab.


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Traditional Market

Gold $1084

Silver $14.28

Oil $40.73

DOW 17,245

US 30y Treasury 3.056%

Crypto Markets

BTC $323

LTC $3.05

ETH $0.99


UBS Chairman: Bitcoin Currency Will Fail, Has No Lender of Last Resort


Gold buying spree in China



Venezuela threatens hoarders


Bitcoin Bank


Bitcoin Core


Weak Jobs Report


Bitcoin overtakes yuan on Google trends


US Backs Adding The Yuan to Special Drawing Rights


Episode 117 – Windows 10 is Spyware

Satoshi speaks!? and the Bitcoin blockchain debate evolves into a software fork. We discuss the ramifications of Bitcoin XT fork in detail. The Chinese Yuan is devalued three times in a week. Windows 10 is spyware. The Top 10 Gotchas of the New York BitLicense.

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Traditional Markets

gold $1114.70

silver $15.24

Dow Jones 17,477

oil $42.18

30y US Treasury  2.84%

Chinese Yuan  weakens to 6.39  from 6.22 per $ this week after three separate devaluing announced by the People’s bank of China.

Crypto Markets

BTC $258.83

LTC $3.95

Ether  .00508 BTC ~$1.31

Doge may be dead at 58 satoshis

Dash $2.95

Satoshi Speaks! and Blockchain debate, XT is live


Windows 10


Chinese Yuan https://mises.org/blog/why-china-devalued-yuan

Top 10 Gotchas


Bitcoin Software has forked



Episode 54– Taper, Yuan, and Bitcoin price rise (oh my)

The Federal Open Monetary Committee continues to taper. Chinese yuan/Russian ruble is used to settle trades. Roger Ver offers a bounty to catch a hacker who was attacking him. The bitcoin price up over 20% this week. Bitcoin interest in Estonia and other countries. Coinotron has around 50% of litecoin hashing power.


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