You may contact the hosts, or Jerry, at the following email addresses.
Replace ‘AT’ with the @ symbol.

JJ Epic:  jj ‘AT’

Darren:  darren ‘AT’

Jerry:     jerry ‘AT’

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi there,

    Found out about your podcasts and have listened to a few.

    I have been involved in the “Bitcoin” world for over 2 years and I run

    I have already got one interview scheduled, I was just wondering if you wanted to interview me for a section of a podcast?

    An interview from someone heavily on the inside of this community.

    Many thanks


    • Nice! I would like to have you on the show. Please send an email to JJ < @> and we can work out a time for you to call in!


  2. Curious to see if you talk about anything besides the evolution of money. Something along the lines of humanity movements, spreading positive messages, or others acts of out reach? Thank you for your time. Brittney Yates

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